Nothing is really important... just master my name.

1. I am a Filipino and is a boy.
2. I am just 13, turning 14 this May.
3. I live in a single rental apartment with my 2 brothers and my mom.
4. My dad is working in Australia; he is a Welder.
5. I am an Apple's collector that I've been collecting since the first episode of iPod.
6. I study a lot of things and most of them are out of school.
7. I am a fat yet tall teen. My voice is getting deeper and ugh.
8. I love both Biology and Chemistry, I am a Dmitri Mendeleev fan.
9. I do different hobbies, most of the time: forum digging.
10. I love sports, specifically VOLLEYBALL.
11. I never aim to get a WOTD or something else.
12. I tend to hang with my friends rather than farming that hard, unless my farmables are grown already.
13. I like to make articles and blogs about Science, most of my articles are about society.
14. I don't do Psychology but study one of its branch, PHYSIOLOGY.
15. I am into doing some image manipulations using Photoshop but I never draw.
16. I love philosophy, INDIA and CHINA are the historical countries that has philosophy that I really like.
17. I also dreams in codes, sleeping with books and does web developing.
18. My favorite color above all is *fifty shades of* GRAY. (Human eyes has a range of 30 shades of gray only excluding white and black)
19. ElectroDream is my bae, Techy and Hercule are my close friends, and mrthadawee and Jenuine loves me and the rest of the moderating team and everyone in the Growtopian universe.
20. I create books and stories, most are about history. 5 books were published but I only printed them for myself.

Stalkers will die. Just kidding, happy reading! Good luck and God bless!