Hello, I recenly bought the book "Introduction to Game Programming with C++" by Alan Thorn, and I have encountered a problem. In the beginning of Chapter 15 we're asked to download the latest main ClanLib library. And then it tells us to download "Dependencies" wich are "libjpeg" "zlib" and "libpng".
(At this point I am not 100% sure, but fairly sure, that i even find the correct files to download.)

Then the book says Once the library is downloaded, all the required files should be extracted to a common folder. The first aim is to compile all the source code into a LIB (library) file...To do this, a programmer should open the source code files or project files in the IDE of his choice, and then build the project using standart compilation options.
(Here i face more questions, as 1) We're not told wich files are "required". 2) Wich source code files should be opened? There are a lot of them, and opening and compiling them all one by one sounds plain silly.)

The compilers i are using is DevCpp and Code::Blocks
I'd really appreciate some kind of help, so that I may continue my voyage towards the gaming dream i so dearly desire to achieve.