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Thread: New beta of TLM

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    I was testing out the latest beta for TLM when I came across a little quirk. It seems that whenever you have a wall the top part of it is darker then it traditional is. I saw this first at Eve’s house; check out her deck to see what I mean. Is anyone else getting this effect? Other then that I haven’t noticed any problems, and the levels with rocks seem to work better on my machine, now I die in real time.
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    Beta Impressions:

    1) Woohoo! The previous versions of TLM didn't like my Thrustmaster Firebird gamepad, and proceeded to have the cursor always going right. Now it works perfectly.

    2) Weird graphical glitch. About a second after loading, a black bar that thins moves up from the bottom of the screen:

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    I'm running a GeForce FX 5200 on a dual-monitor setup.

    3) The music on the title screen doesn't play. The rest seems to work, though. I have a Sound Blaster Live!

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