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Thread: Trouble with CL_SoundBuffer_Session

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    Default Trouble with CL_SoundBuffer_Session

    Hi, I have been working on a small game using ClanLib 0.8.0. I am having a little trouble using CL_SoundBuffer_Session.
    I create the CL_SoundBuffer_Session as explained in the tutorial i.e. :

    // Initializations of SoundOutput and Vorbis

    // Load ogg file into a soundbuffer
    CL_SoundBuffer vorbis("cheer1.ogg");

    // Create a session from soundbuffer.
    CL_SoundBuffer_Session playback = vorbis.prepare();

    However, when I try calling I encounter an exception - access violation in mutex_win32.cpp.
    The method where the exception arises is this:

    void CL_Mutex::enter()

    However if I replace with the program runs fine.
    Could anybody help me get rid of this exception. Is there something wrong in the way I am using Sound Buffer sessions??
    I would like to use the soundbuffer session so that I can loop the sound file which I believe is not possible using a plain soundbuffer.


    My development enviornment is a 32 bit Windows Machine with Ms Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
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