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    Default Guys

    Plz erase this REPORT i don.t know how to erase sorry for miss i know here is

    Wotd write place sorry plz erase this or teach me how to erase
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    Quote Originally Posted by FFF View Post
    I heard YOUTUBE news today.

    And i heard that you guys said to

    wow12 like this `write FFF scammet'

    i know that this is lie but if this is fact

    I will really get angry and i will tell police

    Sorry mods for make noise but i.m really angry
    You've written this on several threads, and they have no business being mentioned. Just relax. If you know that the accusation is false, then ignore it. And this belongs in drama subforum.
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    Have fun telling the police. what are you going to tell them? "People said I stole stuff in a game" what are they going to do? Its a game you can tell the police but they can't and won't do anything about a game
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