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Thread: resolution, mouse cursor, etc

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    Default resolution, mouse cursor, etc

    If this message is in the wrong place, then you can move it if you wish.

    Anyone can answer but I am specifically writing to Seth.

    As far as I know you can't change the mouse cursor, i'm wondering if you could hide the mouse cursor and use an image (tilepic or something)?

    Also IIRC the player can set the resolution of the game independently of what it was created in (or does this ability need to be added) ?

    Also i'm wondering if there is any support for other aspect ratios than typical 4:3 (or whatever the usual resolutions are)... So I could have like a 16:9 display and even though i don't have a widescreen monitor, it would use the nearest resolution, but keep the aspect ratio correct? (like if i'm doing my game at 1024x576 which is 16:9, but the player selects 800x600 -- that it would set that mode, but still keep the image area of the game to the 16:9 something like 800x450)

    Also Seth, you said the gui support is limited... two things... one could you do it in script, and I think you can write text on the screen... so you think it's possible with a little extra scripting, to use an image to build a window, and then write text in it?

    And finally inventory items should be able to be scripted as well, right?

    I guess this should have gone into the help forum but i figure if any of these aren't possible right now, you could actually put them in later, and thus qualify as a feature request.

    The reason I'm asking these questions is this... I'm thinking possibly I might want to develop this for high-definition resolutions... (output to tv, say through hdmi out or even dvi which i'm told can be converted to hdmi) -- the only problem is, I don't have a way to plug into my high-def tv right now, and my monitor is only a max of 1280x1024, plus it doesn't handle widescreen resolutions (you can change the resolution but it will squish it on the screen, rather than black bars on top and bottom). So i'm thinking in order to develop for 1920x1080 I need to be able to see what i'm doing... so if I made the game in the high res, but then when i played it, it scaled down to whatever res my monitor was doing, along with proper aspect ratio, then I could possibly develop with the future in mind, and my game when it came out, would probably be up there technically, and yet could still be played now.

    Of course this might be a little bit lofty, but if this takes a year or more to build, then all that tech will be common by the time i'm done.

    Thanks for reading.

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    All screensizes are supported, I had the Novashell RPG example running at 1920x1200, looks quite sharp.

    There was no aspect ratio change, if just puts more data on the screen. You could set the screen scale to sort of keep it the same if you wanted, but right now there is no way to automatically stretch the GUI elements etc when the screen changes, you have to write smart code that automatically scales or positions itself based on the screen size.

    About GUI stuff - It could be done, but it will be easier to do stuff in GUI a little bit later after more GUI specific features are added.
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