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Thread: Trouble with NetChannel Demo (Port Problem?)

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    Default Trouble with NetChannel Demo (Port Problem?)

    I compiled and ran the NetChannel demo that comes with ClanLib 0.8. It works until it gets to the line:


    It never gets farther than this no matter how long I wait. I suspected that this was a port problem, so I opened Windows firewall (I'm using XP), and added this port (TCP and UDP) to the list of exceptions. This did not seem to make any difference.

    This baffled me because I programmed a server and have had several other server applications work on my computer after following that procedure.

    I know it's a problem with my bizarre security settings and not with ClanLib, but I didn't know where else to go with the problem: I'm completely clueless about what to do. Any suggestions or links would be appreciated.

    Edit: It works now, and I have no idea why. Sorry for wasting space.
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    Hmm, any chance you can try the version of 0.8 that is on SVN? Some fixes have been made since the 0.8 release.

    EDIT: Oops, missed the it works now part.
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