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    Default Ubuntu repos


    Is there any plan to have 0.8 or 0.9 in the Ubuntu repos? Or downloadable in common package formats?

    Reason I ask is I wouldn't be able to install clanlib if I didn't know what I was doing - the dependencies I had to install along the way aren't particularly well documented; even after I'd successfully got the configure script to enable the modules I wanted (by installing their dependencies) I still got missing dev headers and libraries when I ran make.

    This means that anyone who wants to compile my app - if I ever bother finishing it :> - will have to first install clanlib from source, which doesn't seem to be that easy for people who can only just cope with ./make

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    We don't say no if people want to maintain these

    So, please, go ahead!

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    well, there are official Ubuntu packages of ClanLib 0.8.0. but I'm not sure that they can work "out of box", if you know what I mean. it seems to me that ld should be configured properly. manually, ofcourse. for example, is not linked to, which is the real library.

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    Default Ubuntu packages

    Hello phx_one,

    where did you find the 0.8 package for ubuntu, I'm looking for it.


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    here are names of packages (I have Kubuntu 7.04):


    etc... just enter "clanlib" in search bar
    also clanlib docs ans examples available

    UPDATE: Oh, I'm sorry! these packages has 0.6.5 version I'm so sorry to misinformate you...

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    I plan to create a 0.9 ubuntu package when it is finally released.

    Use the 0.8 SVN, for the most stable version of ClanLib

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