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Thread: "Girl looks like she is from Frozen and this is Amazing"

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    Default "Girl looks like she is from Frozen and this is Amazing"

    The internet is being dominated by fake ads saying things such as:

    -Woman finds secret to Get rid of Wrinkles
    -Gain Muscle with secret food
    -Fruit can make you live longer

    But I saw one that made me face palm so hard I knocked myself out.

    The Ad says "Girl looks like she is from Frozen and this is Amazing"

    And had this picture:

    This picture is SOOOOO unnatural, it made me cringe. It's IMPOSSIBLE for anybody to look like that, it's an animated character..!
    Of course I had to see what all that was about.

    I followed the link and it just had photos of people who KIND OF looked like Disney characters.
    It had nothing to do with the picture. Well, I guess it did it's job. I hope they enjoyed that cheap buck I probably gave them by looking at their website..
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