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    I know this is very stupid, but Angrox, pls dont leave. Ur my best friend in growtopia to me. For the sake of every growtopian u know, pls dont leave. Of course, its ur own choice whether u wanna leave or not. If u want to leave, no one can stop u. Pls stay, so far when im online, u are always online to play so i wont feel bored and i can play with u. So pls dont leave Angrox. If u are leaving, goodbye, i'll always remember u, Angrox....
    cn som1 ummmm tel me y fredy fassssssssssttttttbear iz da ummmm veli veli slo plz thx u fr ur ans to my umm veli veli gud quezton!!!11

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    Angrox... please don't leave us. I would be sad if you left. Your such a help to Growtopia, and it would be so much emptier without you...

    ...Just please don't leave.

    And if you have to, then please, please come back someday soon. If you never come back, well, then remember that there are people in Growtopia that miss you.
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    Even though I quit and I'm gone, I just want to say that I really miss this community.
    (Is it still similar to the way it used to be?)

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