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Thread: A lot of game ready character models are on sale (50% off)

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    Talking A lot of game ready character models are on sale (50% off)

    Just wanna help my friends marketing their site, heheh, but u r lucky! You can get a lot of models at with half of the price (about 20 bucks) bcos of the grand opening sale event. And they have some cool models like this:


    They’re all next-gen high quality realtime models and have affordable prices. Hope it help!

    Ah, here's the link:

    Very cool, you are gonna like it! They have modeling service too!

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    I saw you spamming on forum to.

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    What would be really sweet would be pre-rendered tile sets at a fraction of the cost, as that could actually be used in NovaShell especially as the 3D models on offer do look nice.

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