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Thread: Free site or tools to convert files into different formats?

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    Default Free site or tools to convert files into different formats?

    Please share your suggestions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nandra325 View Post
    Please share your suggestions!
    I admire your post Nandra325.

    Please visit this link to convert your files online. They are providing different converters like:

    convert pdf to docx
    convert 7z to zip
    docx to doc
    convert docx to doc
    convert wps to docx
    convert m4a to wav

    Keep sharing such informative posts.
    Thank you,
    Hi Guys, I'm Nandra here.

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    I like to think that this is a hilarious joke nodding to the fact that no one replied. However, admittedly, it is most definetely spam gone wrong. If you look over at the same account on the Growtopia forum, you'll notice they have a signature (link redacted):
    Atlas cutting tools provide you with the highest quality precision USA manufactured cutting tools at the most competitive prices. Custom Cutting Tools
    It is probably against the interest of these forums as a whole to be replying to this, but by golly am I a lonely boi. I am kind of hoping for an automated response.


    If by any chance this post is not removed and someone someday stumbles upon it looking for an answer, here's what I do to convert files:
    .png / .jpg / .gif / .imgwhatever = literally just rename the extension

    I don't really ever actually convert anything else now that I think about it. Sometimes some random file into a .zip or something, but again, you can probably just rename it. 7z lets you save the file as a .zip as well i'm pretty sure. Just download that I guess. In fact most decent programs, as long as they can open it, probably have some sort of way to convert to more broad file formats.



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