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Thread: The clone machine!

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    Default The clone machine!

    They should make a clone machine where you can clone yourself. It would be SO helpful to the moderators and it would make the game a bit more fun! It would cost like 25,000 gems and it was one of those items where you always obtain it back as long as you had room. It never would drop the seed, nor would you ever lose it. It would be AWESOME!!!!!! Basically you can like go split screen. Now there are a lot of good and bad things about items and one bad thing about this going split screen it will get smaller.
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    What will be the purpose of using it? Will the clone say or do something?
    Please explain suggestions more clearly

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    Question Pretty good idea.......

    It was a good idea but look, tell us more of the details and what does it look like? Well again it was a good idea though.

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