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Thread: Get game to show up

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    Default Get game to show up

    I just made a new FQ game for the first time and I have a few questions.

    - How do I get it so it is no longer a demo server?

    - How do I get my game to show up on the FQ server page?

    - How can I change it so I can have a bingo night and such?

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    The info on buying a license is sort of hidden on this page, but basically you can buy a license here.

    On the server config screen, there is an option to "advertise my game on the rtsoft server" and enter the logon info you get after buying a license. It will automatically show up within a minute or so after doing that, and automatically remove when you take down/turn-off your server.

    Bingo night and such are add-ons that other admins have written using FQ's scripting language. One page to grab some is here.

    Keep in mind running mods is sort of 'at your own risk'.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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