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Thread: High precision/resolution time, multicore issues

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    Default High precision/resolution time, multicore issues

    Is there any functionality in ClanLib to retrieve a high-precision/resolution time value like it is available with the Windows API ::QueryPerformanceCounter()?

    I searched the docs, forum and the code but couldn't find anything besides CL_System::get_time(). This functions implementation uses ::QueryPerformanceCounter() which makes good precision but limits the resolution by returning ms units only.

    Furthermore CL_System::get_time() seems to have a multicore-issue that occassionally results in discontinuous movement of objects if you base the timing in your games frame loop on it. "Occassionally" means e.g. once every ~30s, some times more often and very noticable.
    I could work around this by calling ::SetProcessAffinityMask( ::GetCurrentProcess(), 1 ) at the start of my game, but would loose platform-independence.
    (See also:;EN-US;Q274323 )

    Last, I suggest increasing the precision of CL_System::sleep() which has a default precision of only ~10ms under Windows by calling Windows-API ::timeBeginPeriod( 1 ) at process start and ::timeEndPeriod( 1 ) at process end. Or at least provide an option to do so.
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