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Thread: clanlib3.0 GUI Program crashed

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    Default clanlib3.0 GUI Program crashed

    crash info:
    Name:  crash code.png
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    Name:  stack.png
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    only gui Program crashed

    computer info:
    winxp sp3, graphics card: mobile intel 965 express chipset family, support opengl2.0

    how to fix
    any way can check support before crash
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    Please can you verify that the attachment works, I am getting "Invalid Attachment specified".

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    ho! sorry, I had submit image again
    and today i got another crash

    > atioglxx.dll!69368c80()
    game.exe!clan::GL1FrameBufferProvider::sync_pbuffe r() line 263 C++
    game.exe!clan::GL1FrameBufferProvider::attach_colo r(const std::queue<ClientPacket *,std::deque<ClientPacket *,std::allocator<ClientPacket *> > > & attachment_index=0) line 118 C++

    code postion
    file: gl1_frame_buffer_provider.cpp
    func: void GL1FrameBufferProvider::sync_pbuffer()
    crashed when call glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0);
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    I see from that screen shot that you are using ClanLib 3.0

    The crash appears in sync_pbuffer, that's the GL1 (legacy GL) clanGL target, for OpenGL that is less than 3.2

    Looking at the GIT logs, the framebuffer handling has had some bug fixes, for example:
    It's possible, that you might have to manually apply these.

    Personally, I would avoid using clanGUI. It was removed in clanlib 4.0. Although it works, it was too complex, replaced with clanUI.
    However, clanUI doesn't support legacy GL. It supports the Direct3D target, that your card might support.

    Sorry, I can't be more help.

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    Thank you all the same, i confirmed the GL1FrameBufferProvider was latest.

    is possible to post clanUI to ClanLib3.0 for i have to use vs2010?

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    It would be possible, but to be honest, it is not something that I would personally attempt.

    clanUI requires OpenGL 3.2 (for the path drawing). Although this could be stripped out, you would loose the CSS style rendering.

    Porting from ClanLib 3.x to ClanLib 4.x should be simple, as long as you have a C++11 compiler.



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