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Thread: installing clanlib on dev-c++

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    Default installing clanlib on dev-c++

    I have problem with installing ClanLib on dev-c++

    I have installed libjpeg, libpng and zlib, and it worked fine, because I found the files at the update section with dev-c++

    Then I used Packman (a dev-c++ to install packs...) and pointed to the .zip file I downloaded at but when I try to compile something I got a few errors like:

    ClanLib/core.h: No such file or directory
    ClanLib/display.h: No such file or directory
    ClanLib/gl.h: No such file or directory
    ClanLib/application.h: No such file or directory

    and the code I'm trying to compile is:
    #include <ClanLib/core.h>
    #include <ClanLib/display.h>
    #include <Clanlib/gl.h>
    #include <ClanLib/application.h>
    class cClanLibApp : public CL_ClanApplication
      virtual int main(int, char **)
        CL_SetupCore setup_core;
        CL_SetupDisplay setup_display;
        CL_SetupGL setup_gl;
        CL_SetupSound Setup_sound;
        CL_DisplayWindow window("test", 640, 480);
        return 0;
    maybe the code isn't so important, but I add it anyway....

    i'm so frustrated! so if anyone know what to do, plz help me!

    I'm greatful to answers
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    forget about ClanLib, it'll only give you headache
    have you tried Allegro?? it's a very nice game programming library, the syntax
    is easy to learn. unlike clanlib it won't give you a headache because you can
    install it easily. here check it out


    you can download Allegro Devpak here:

    you might want to try these devpaks out. exclusively for Dev-C++

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    Man, thats harsh.

    I have shipped a product based on ClanLib and found it to be a very capable system as well as being easy to get going. Maybe ClanLib is written by people that think like me, but I am guessing not.

    Besides, what kind of person joins a forum only to trash the host?

    BTW: Your links don't work
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    I think I understand what he means. I did have a headache when I installed Clanlib, many times. But that didn't stop me. I went through it again, until I got it installed and found out it was as awesome as I though it would be. Allegro is nothing compared to Clanlib.

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    The problem is that none of the main developers use Dev-C++, so therefore we can do nothing but apply patches from that community - and we haven't received any.

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