i recon that u should b able 2 do the same thing as gamemaker and be able 2 create gifs and use manipulate and change the order of the images during the editor or have command lines in the coding 4 the object that change it during the game

annother thing would b that u would b able 2 make diferent images 2 stick together and have constraints like angular diferences cind of like toribash with their physics but in 2d form while the character is in floppy mode and have it give a certain motion 2 it at times
you should also b able 2 have it that if u give it physics it has 2 move back 2 the position of the body should b during that frame after it was moved eg like a rock hit it
but not like a million lines of coding but with a fiew simple lines of code
angle 1 restraint 0 to 90
movement type human walk