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Thread: Generate maps on the fly

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    Default Generate maps on the fly

    Hi there. I was wondering if you can generate maps on the fly. I want to procedurally generate map data and object placement (for instance, generate a RPG map and put items on it). Is this possible, or is that not something you can do using this system?

    Also, an unrelated question: is there a map editor?

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    I only just completed the tutorial but from what I have seen, yes to both.

    You can spawn tiles/entities/sprites provided you have one to reference from and the automatic save system takes most things into account. (Retaining the tiles you have spawned unless the player starts a new game)
    For the specifics on what limitations there are, you'd probably have to ask Seth.

    The map editor is a huge and well integrated part of this system, that's a given from the second you hit <F1>.
    I highly recommend checking out the tutorial on the main site, it should answer many of your questions.

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