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Thread: Problems in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibon

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    Default Problems in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibon

    Sorry, I'm relatively ignorant when it comes to linux (just switched from windows) so I'm probably making a stupid n00b error or something, but to install Novashell, I just extract the archive and run the novashell file, correct?

    If so, something is going wrong, because all that happens when I run the file is that the resolution changes. I checked log.txt and all that appears there is that Joystick hogwash (which was addressed in another thread, from what I gather this error is irrelevant.)

    I've installed any package with the words "gcc" or "open gl" and "clanlib" in them from Synaptic, for better or worse.

    This could just be a hardware issue as I'm using a Dell Inspiron E1505. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: Here's log.txt just for shits and giggles.

    [debug] Setting up joystick

    [debug] Joystick Error: /dev/input/js0: No such file or directory
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    By default Novashell tries to run at fullscreen at 1024x768.
    To avoid it, just run "./novashell -window" (from the terminal if in doubt) in order to go straight to windowed mode rather than fullscreen.
    There are also options for resolution etc. just run "./novashell -h"

    If the problem still persists in windowed mode let us know what happens.
    I failed to mention, chances are you don't have drivers with opengl support installed.
    What sort of video card do you have?
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    You're one step ahead of me... lol I got the app working now, but it says something about no hardware acceleration and runs really slow.

    It said I have "Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics"

    EDIT: I'm on a Dell Inspiron E1505.

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    Unfortunately as I don't use Ubuntu or a similar graphics card so I won't be able to walk you through it, but if you need further help you really should ask at the ubuntu forums.

    My guess would that you need to install "xserver-xorg-video-intel"

    Then edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and hunt down this bit (This is just an example from my own, I use an NVIDIA video card)
    Section "Device"
            Identifier      "Generic Video Card"
            Driver          "nvidia"
    and replace the driver with "intel"

    Section "Device"
            Identifier      "Generic Video Card"
            Driver          "intel"
    That's only my guess though and doing these steps are entirely at your own discretion, if in doubt just try the forums I linked to for help.

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    Well thanks for the help, still couldn't get it to work. I'm just going to reinstall windows for now... can't afford to have my computer down so much of the time trying different distros and such. I'll definately look into Linux more down the line though. I'm just really itching to get started with Novashell... lol.

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