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Thread: GUIManager ClanLib 3.0 set_theme

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    Default GUIManager ClanLib 3.0 set_theme

    Hello again.

    I was wondering how to access the set theme command shown here:

    Originally I was starting the gui like so in a function:
    clan::GUIManager gui(themeLocation);
    However I'd like to declare it in my classes header then set the theme in the start function: Header -
    clan::GUIManager gui;
    and start -
    gui.add_theme(themeLocation); gui.set_theme(themeLocation);

    The problem is gui has no set_theme() function for me. And simply using add_theme() throws a runtime error about the Resource Manager not having a cache (I would copypaste but I can't select the text).

    Thanks for the help gents,

    Kyle Rassweiler

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    I think that's because...

    The GUI Manager add_theme contains

    	XMLResourceManager::get_doc(impl->resources).add_resources(XMLResourceDocument("resources.xml", vfs));
    That assumes that the GUI resources have already been set.

    "clan::GUIManager gui;" does not set the xml resources, thus add_theme does not work.

    A GUI expert needs to look at this to decide the best way of fixing it.

    Maybe adding
    "	impl->resources = XMLResourceManager::create(XMLResourceDocument());"
    to the constructor would work?

    I'm not an expert in the area, so I am unsure

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    Thanks for the response.

    I seem to have found a different way of doing it (and it works so far).

    clan::GUIManager gui;
    gui = clan::GUIManager(display_window, theme_location);
    I saw something similar used on another component in one of the examples and gave it a shot. I'm not sure if it's proper but it works.


    Kyle Rassweiler

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