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    Default Relative File Path

    Hi, thanks for a great library. However, I've stumbled upon a (stupid) problem: What I want to do is have a relative file path, ie. so that I can do this:


    But for some reason, this doesn't seem to work very well. It seems like CL is changing some internal variables, meaning the second calls acts more like:


    Which is not exactly what I want. I'd also like CL_FileDialog to act this way, ie. returning the relative path.

    Is there any easy way to do this, or do I have to work around it somehow?

    BTW, I'm using ClanLib 0.8 SVN.

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    I use ClanLib 0.9 SVN, but try this anyway


    Have a look at Examples/GUIDesk/guideck.cpp...,
    CL_ResourceManager resources("../../Resources/GUIStyleSilver/gui.xml");
    CL_ResourceManager extra_resources("guistuff.xml");

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    I'm sorry. It seems like CL_FileDialog is the one changing the relative directory. A call to:

    CL_Directory::get_current() + CL_FileDialog::open()

    ... seems to return the correct absolute path, but is there a way to make CL_FileDialog return a path relative to the folder it was opened, and not have it change the current directory?
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    I remember also noticing some oddness with how CL_FileDialog handles the directories... I think I worked around it by storing the current directory to a temp var, using CL_FileDialog, then setting the current dir from the temp var again.

    Not sure if I'll get around to fixing it but feel free to send a patch if you do!
    Seth A. Robinson
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