Yohoo everyone!~ Frosty here and there's something wrong with my PC. I was starting a match in League Of Legends and my ping was normal. It suddenly bumped up to 999 so I disconnected and reconnected from my internet. After doing that nothing started to open. I restarted my PC 5 times yet nothing opens. Nothing but... Internet Explorer... Anyways google chrome, league of legends and steam don't work! I tried to open Growtopia and it worked but it says there's a new update. V1.9. I don't know if it's a real new update. Anyways I can't even update it. I turned off my anti-virus (Kaspersky) and nothing happened. I even scanned and nothing worked. When it says Google Chrome has stopped working and when I click on one of the problems... The problem is APPCRASH. I don't know how to fix it so please help me.