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    Default Oh Sh!t - Platform game

    Oh Sh!t
    Beware it's an 8mb download! Mainly due to me being lazy with music compression etc...

    One level-WIP, based on the freeware Amiga classic 'Elevation'

    Known issues:

    • Player can 'move' platforms when pushing against them. This should not occur. I think I need to play around with mass and density to fix this.
    • Player can get stuck beneath platforms. Need to find a way of letting the player jump through platforms onto the top.
    • Live counting works, as you will get a game over screen after loosing all three lives, but for some reason the gui counter does not get updated
    • Player 'skips' when going left. Doesn't affect play but looks a bit odd
    • Only 1 level!

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    Excellent work!

    Ok, on the skipping left bit, I was able to fix that by reshaping the collision just a bit, see attached pic.

    On the dealing with moving platforms, I've modified the treeworld example to deal properly with the 'platform crushing' problem, and also being able to jump 'up' through static platforms which is good for some games.

    I have a bug I'm trying to locate right now, but I then I'll put up this new version.

    When it's up, please check the move_between_points.lua and the ent_player.lua's OnCollision function. (And note that it enables listening to collision, so OnCollision is called)
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    Seth A. Robinson
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    Thanks for that Seth.

    re skipping, I thought it must have been something that I was doing as he didn't do it when running around in the normal TreeWorld environment. I had guessed it might be to do with verts but couldn't quite figure out what I needed to do. Now I've adjusted it as shown by you and it's working brilliantly!

    I'm looking forward to playing with the new version when the bugs are ironed out!

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    hey pleng,

    can you post your game to the novashell page. i'd like to see it and i'm sure the few others we have here might also.

    by the way seth, thanks again for fixing my collision problem for my pacman clone.


    edit: the reason i ask is because i can't reach your page from work. i use a pc at work and a mac at home.
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    I can't urrently upload it to the novashell site as the file is too big (nearly 10 Mb!)

    You should be able to download it with a Mac. The link is a direct download link so by clicking it (in firefox at least) a blank tab should open and then shortly after a download box should appear.

    I will try and make a smaller version to upload to the site when I get a chance, but I'm pretty busy right now

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    Nice work, man! The first thing I actually said when entering the first level was "Oh Sh!t!" lol. I love the music, it's retro-rific.

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