hey seth...howdy shellerz,

i'm working on a pacman clone. i'm using the original graphics just so i can get the mechanics right ie; movement, collision, chasing, warp tunnel...blah, blah, blah.

i'm going to use the 'mechanics' in a different 'theme' once i get them working.

i basically used the script from the 'dragon egg' demo for the player movement. i had to change the collision movement type to 'no bounce' and i made the collision boundary initially the size of the sprite, but i had to make it a little smaller because of a problem i was having with navigating the maze.

but my problem is that when i start the game, the player moves about the maze sort of as you would expect, need to fine tune the movement i'm sure, but it will ignore some wall collisions and pass right through. then, after continuing through out the maze i can come back to a place where it was not working before and it will suddenly work correctly, but somewhere else will begin to do the same, including places that had worked initially.

i'm not sure if i'm explaining the 'problem' clearly, so i included the files. novapac.zip
i would welcome help from you or anyone else to figure this out.

can't say it enough, but i love this engine. the fact that i could snatch the graphics from a google image search and then have this proto moving, albeit with a few kinks, in under an hour is amazing.