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    I'm trying to make a brawler/platformer mod and I'm having trouble getting new animations to work properly in the Tree World example.

    I tried hooking up an animation to player for air attacks and jumping, but no matter what I try I can't get it to work right. I'll attach my most recent update of the tree world example here in case anyone wants to check it out and offer some help.

    I did however manage to get double jump working along with the standard idle and run animations. The main problem I have with forcing new animations to play is that they won't play the reverse animations properly and won't stop looping the animation, unless its turned off in the xml file. I saw that the ladder animation also used a forced animation and was able to turn it on or off using the EnterLadderMode() and ExitLadderMode functions, but I could not emulate that with the CheckForJump and ProcessJump function that I added.

    It seems I can't upload the whole game so I'm just attaching the script file for the player instead. It has all the code I'm having trouble with.
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