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Thread: Just a common report only an one time thread to spare valuable time

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    Default Just a common report only an one time thread to spare valuable time

    Today at 16:23 pm europen time -- Amsterdam +01:00 GMT

    Participants: theEll + Canary

    TheEll wasn't playing just annoying the hosters

    Canary had bugged me to come and to take action.

    The both of them are according to this information secure and will be by this one not followed by a participation punishment!!

    The hosters aren't caught by broadcasting(s) and neither did they successed to pull in a good profit from one of the participants thefts.

    Which will be appropiate to give the hosts a mild punishment which can be a banx1 or a temporarily mutex1

    Have a nice day!!
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    Sorry but drop games can't be punished after the drop game, only durin one.

    If it was able to punish after, I'm afraid TheEll would be punished as well, for participating, even as a joke.

    Try MSG a mod ingame to catch the drop gamer first, it's more effective!
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