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    Smile Awesome work

    Hi there,

    I just found your Game Engine System. I absolutely LOVE it.
    This is exacly what ive been looking for.
    Allthough its not complete yet.

    Im am, for sure gonna stay here, and follow the process.

    Anyway, i have some ideas that you might want to add in
    (you are probably working on some of them)

    The Dink Style RPG, the one withought mouse pointing.
    Thats my favorite. I would be great if sometime in the near future. There would be added: Inventory/Items, XP, Lvl up - actually that would allmost make the engine quite complete? for that style.

    For multiplayer support, i know thats ONE big job. Is that maybe gonna happen?

    Anyways, that was just something i would love to see happen.

    Anyways BIG thumps up for the great work!
    Im thrilled to have found, and be here!

    Cheers from Denmark

    ps. if you need webdesign, hosting, or something in that matter for the project. Then just write me an pm :-)

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    One of the top RPG examples is actually very similar dink, it doesn't use mouse. (the other one does) It's mostly just the art that is different. For instance, I think you could cut and paste a Dink duck into it and have it work...

    Multiplayer - probably not, at least not the MMOG style of walking around together you would normally think of. But other things, like in-game message boards and global high scores etc, probably yes.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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