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Thread: What kind of tanks should you save for?

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    Oh yo yo... there's a demon inside...oh yo yo...just like Jekyll 'n Hyde...


    Quote Originally Posted by InYourFACE View Post
    Have you seen an m4 going over 5k cp? Not at all.
    There are m3s reaching yellow...
    Bruh...back before I got Spider and Skull I was a nightmare with M4. And don't forget Kpopluv; she was a beast with M4, too.

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    Im guessing this post is about Tanked, is it a good game?
    Should I download it?
    Hi,I'm NoTokens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abala100 View Post
    Mods why i got banned i just used cheat engine
    Read this \./
    Quote Originally Posted by BLYoshi View Post
    How to know you're mini modding:

    If your posts are useless, but look like they're trying to help others. And if you use giant font so it takes a minute to scroll past your useless post because your font is so huge.

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    Of course, Panzer is the one I want to save!



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