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Thread: New FQ version, thoughts about FQ's future

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    Default New FQ version, thoughts about FQ's future

    I've done a new version with some fixes and suggested changes:

    • $ symbol is now stripped from player names
    • added /tv (on/off) control to chat (Jaylou)
    • Can set or disable name changing in the game options (File Sponge)
    • Fixed get crazy amount of exp bug with an ill-formed daily event

    It can be downloaded here.

    While doing these upgrades I've had a chance to reflect on FQ. It has been a fun project. It will turn 8 years old in a few months.

    I'm no longer selling new or renewal licenses as of today. It hasn't really been profitable for quite a while, the license server has been acting up and it gets increasingly difficult to support and improve as my tools evolve.

    I will of course honor the existing licenses, and if you are running a server that is going to expire soon, let me know and I'll tack on some time at no cost so you can comfortably finish your game or whatever.

    I hope nobody is angry, and understands that this whole project (licensing a web game, etc) was very experimental in nature and subject to change.

    I won't let FQ 'die' exactly, more on this as I figure it out. Any thoughts?
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Default Future of FQ

    Thank you for putting out a new version with some of the most requested updates. I can definitely understand why it makes sense for you to discontinue updates to FQ, so it's generous of you to do this update.

    I'm not sure on the technical details behind the interaction of the FQServer program and the license server, but if possible I hope that sometime in the future you will consider making one last change to the code to allow the game to run without checking the license server. If this won't be possible or is too much work, I completely understand.

    I really appreciate the quality, humor, and elegant simplicity in your games such as LORD and FQ (among other titles). Even though your professional career is more than a few online games, I think these games are how many people know you best.

    Back in the mid-90's, I had an autographed LORD poster on the wall above the computer that ran my BBS. That game always brought people back every day. I know this isn't the end for you, but this is a good time to say "thanks".

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    Maybe FQ2?


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    I'll be terribly sad to say goodbye to those whom I play with regularly and have become friends (note to self, remember to get e-mail addys).

    But thank you Seth, this has been a great game. It started out for me as just a bit of fun and humor, and turned into something even bigger as I've had the chance to meet some great people not just online but in person.

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    Gah thats really sad.

    For a while I've wanted to do an FQ server on my site for a quite a while.

    My main hangups were that the server program required to be running on a "normal" machine, and wasn't something I could run off my rented web server. So because of this it made it a bit difficult searching for ways in my free time that I could get FQ to be something that I could run. Like I tried finding places that would rent a computer you can remote desktop into, but even though that would work, those things are like $80 a month at the lowest.

    So I seemed to always get stuck around where to run the server program, thinking doing so off a home PC wouldn't be too reliable. So I've wanted to badly, but I just can't get past exactly how I should do it.

    Like me and my girlfriend are both into games and stuff, we were planning on trying to mod it out, with her enjoyment of Flash, we were going to make new characters and various other stuff, but we kept hitting the brick wall of where to host the little windows server program.

    If the licenses are too much trouble, is it possible you might just sell the game as a permanent license which does not use the license server? Like a 3D rendering packages let you buy something of a "version license" and you get free updates for the life of that particular version, like say version 5. But when version 6 is out you have to pay to get that one.

    If there is a way to pay for a lifetime one even if it is until maybe a version 2 came out I might just get it for the sake of supporting the cause, even if I don't yet know where I'd host the Windows server.

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    Are you going to release the software as a 1 time registration? such as you did with LORD? ... I currently run a BBS and this was a AWESOME addition to the web side of it ... I hate to see it get dropped like a sack of bricks ...

    Please do somthing so that we can continue to play the game ....

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    It would be great if that could happen!

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    Default Thanks for a great game!

    Heya Seth,

    FQ was a fun game with interesting game design elements. The artwork, humor and sound effects were all great and created a unique character to the game. I understand that the business model just didn't work out for you. Indeed, I don't think you can be successful directly charge people for hosting the game. After all, the folks looking to host FQ were relatively poor in comparison to targeting, say an ISP.

    I might have tried to use FQ as an advertising medium (even google ads). That might have made you more money in the end. Or, you could have simply hosted a tricked-out FQ game and charged players a monthly fee for access (a la World of Warcraft). I'm not certain how well that would have worked.

    I'd love to see you open source the project, but I understand that's not really how you do things -- especially since you successfully sold the LORD property. Someone might be interested in buying FQ from you. You have reused the scripting engine and the "micro-threads" in other projects, I believe.

    One of things I liked about FQ was the easy with which local admins could change some game elements. That made each hosted game unique.

    Anyway, I hope you try another experiment like this again. Perhaps you could try to harness the "crowd power" of the folks on this forum for your next game. That's interesting project in itself. Create the engine and watch the users build the content!

    Anyway, thanks for building a sandbox for us!

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    I'm sorry to hear this. I've had a great time with the version at File Sponge & would be sad to see it end.

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    Default You can't kill this...

    Where will we go to help people die? Thanks for letting us play.

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    I would love to keep playing and would like to ask, if it isn't too much trouble would it be possible to see Funeral Quest released into the public domain, made open source, or sold as a one-time license (even without any guarantee of technical support).??

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    I'd be sorry to see the game go completely. Even if it doesn't get updated or supported, I'd still play it if there was a way to.

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    I can understand not being able to justify the time spent v. reward gained, but I'll miss FQ if the game's completely shut down. I play on FileSponge's game (admittedly, it's been intermittent here lately) and really enjoy the snarky humor and interaction with my fellow peddlers of death. Like unspokenwords suggested, could the game be made OGL or one-time license?

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    I'm just learning how to play, having been in one game so far, but am having fun and would hate to see this game go away. Thanks for listening.

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    I love this game! It would be great if it could go to open source, but whatever happens, thank you Seth, for both this great game and Dink Smallwood. They both rock!

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    Default Donīt Let FQ Die

    For sure a lot of people all over the world have been having a great time playing FQ for the last 8 years or so... Besides, programming it must be that exciting... Donīt let FQ die! Think about realeasing it public domain!
    Thanks for fun! We all wish you all the best!

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    I know I've been bad about playing lately, cause life is just taking over all of my free time, but I've loved Funeral Quest for a REALLY long time. Close to 7 years or so. I remember playing it my junior year of high school, and now I am in my 6th year of college. That is a BIG chunk of my life! I would be really sad to see FQ no longer available. Please don't take it away from us. Your brilliant game should be available forever as a testament that games don't need flashy graphics or compelling storylines to be epic and amazing.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the support and ideas.

    Things are really insane right now with contract work, baby due VERY soon and moving, but after things settle down I will figure out if I can come up with a way for it to pay for itself with google-ads like JJohn suggested or something like that.

    I'd love to have some time to give it an overhaul at some point. Please check back next year?

    About open source: Eventually, probably - but not right now, not if I can do something with it.

    All servers will shutdown on Halloween day btw!
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Default so sad

    I've really enjoyed the simplicity of the funeral quest game. Please keep it around in some capacity!

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    Default Oh, no!

    I've really enjoyed playing the few FQ tournaments I've been involved in. This game is simple, fun, and addicting. I'll miss FQ because I've grown to really like the people involved in the FQ community and it makes me sad since it feels like I was just getting to know them. Thank you for such a great game and the opportunity to meet equally great people.
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