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Thread: Little example ClanLib+OpenGL

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    Default Little example ClanLib+OpenGL

    Hi, I've ClanLib 0.8.1 installed, and I'm practising in its use with Opengl, the problem is that the example in the SVN a bit more complex than I actually can understand.
    I've already tried simpliflying the GLFog example, but the results aren't functional (the display is not refreshed altought I'm using flip or the image is not showed at all).
    I only need a program that shows a 2D image in the screen (either windowed or fullscreen, I don't mind) to begin. Someone knows where to find it or, if it's so simple, how I can write it?
    Thanks in advance

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    Look at the Basic2D example.

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    Maybe the documentation would help? There is some easy things in the OpenGL section.

    The following link is a webpage, good for OpenGL in general.

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    Hi! the Basic2D example seems to be perfect, thanks! I was trying to use a more complicated ones :S I've already read the nehe webpage, but the opengl was not the problem, it was using it in clanlib. Thanks again for your help.

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