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Thread: Quick screen res function request

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    Default Quick screen res function request

    Hello. There's a function for setting the screen resolution, but there doesn't seem to be one for finding out what it is in the first place. This would be useful for functions that were written without a particular resolution in mind. May I suggest GetScreenResolution, returning a Vector2?

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    Oops, I'm really terrible at missing posts and seeing them a week later.

    The screen resolution is always available in two global variables: C_SCREEN_X and C_SCREEN_Y.

    The docs are missing a lot of things that are declared in the base/system/setup_constants.lua file, check that file out for more hidden ones.

    But I agree, to go along with GetApp:SetScreenSize() we should have a Vector2 GetApp:GetScreenSize() as well, logically.

    PS: To find out when the resolution is changed mid-game, check out GetApp:AddCallbackOnResolutionChange.
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