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Thread: Hecatomb test 2

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    Default Hecatomb test 2

    I've made another test with more enemies and slightly better graphics + some sound effects.
    There isn't any real structure to the level, the monsters are sprinkled out haphazardly,and there's still only one weapon. I'm thinking about throwing out all the graphics again so I didn't feel like animating them.
    And also it turns out that the fun part is programming the AI

    Note: Since this was made before the physics model changed in the last Novashell version it wont run on the current package you can download.
    So I included the executable and base files for the old version in two different zip files, and
    Sorry Mac users, I hadn't downloaded that version. But in my experience you guys tend to run Parallels anyway
    I could of course update the physics code but the Linux version isn't out yet, and if I did then I would probably find a whole bunch of other things to change and never get around to releasing anything.

    The entities are:
    Archer: Has a 45 degrees field of vision so you can sneak up on him.
    Jumping spider: Doesn't look like much but was pretty difficult to get to work with all the vectors making up the jumping.
    Ghost: Same as in previous test but with a different attack.
    Bunnies: Just jumps around.

    I tried documenting the code but due to all the changes and tests when things didn't work it's a bit lacking. I'll probably fix it if I do a rewrite, but just ask if you want something explained.

    Controls are again WASD for movement, mouse for aiming, left/right mouse buttons for attack.

    Some screenshots:

    I think allot of things ended up more complex then they needed to be, like the tile system, since I've never made any games before.
    So if anyone knows any good guides or books from anything to structuring code to planning graphics those tips would be appreciated.

    Finally a couple of bugs or other things I found to be problematic:

    If you go to archer.xml and line 27 and set:
    The game will crash when you click New. The error in the log is:
    Error: CL_Error Exception: Missing animation data for visual profile idle at index 0 (idle_left)
    CL_Error Exception caught : Missing animation data for visual profile idle at index 0 (idle_left)

    I'm thinking this is because a profile name in the same XML file is "idle" and a sprite name cannot be the same as a profile name.
    I only found it because since I only have one animation for each state I tended to name the sprites simply "walk" or "idle"

    this:AddAttach(C_ENTITY_NONE, Vector2(0,0)) does detach the entity from the player but also generates an error that it cannot find entity 0. Killing one of the spiders will generate this error.

    An entity will not be rotated until it's walk animation is finished.
    Go to line 42 in archer.xml and set speed="500"
    Then go to line 104 in archer.lua and change the number 300 to 0, so that it will only chase the player and not fire.
    Now if you run in circles around an archer it wont change direction or rotate towards you until the walk animation is finished.
    This does not effect the player.
    Now this isn't a big problem. I don't have any long animations but maybe if it there eventually were some workaround that would be nice.

    Even when I set this:SetCollisionMode(C_COLLISION_MODE_NONE) after an entity dies you can still knock it around sometimes with the projectiles.
    Projectiles passing through it as they should seem to happen only intermittently.
    Maybe this will change with the new physics engine?
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    Hey Mikael,

    Pretty snazzy Like the archer enemy, got a neat feel to him.

    I've been hit with some non-novashell work but am hoping to smooth out the latest release (and get the linux build up) pretty soon.

    The good news is any problem with SetCollisionMode is surely fixed - the bad news is that command has been replaced with SetCollisionCategory(), so some work involved on figuring out how the new system works if/when you decide to upgrade.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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