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    Default A Castlevania/Metroid type game

    Well, I kinda suck at coding, but the basic concept is starting to come together here. Eventually it will be a Castlevania/Metroid flavored adventure game with several levels, but right now it's just one map (or two if you count the interior) with a few zombies. There's also still lots of code recycled from Tree World and the Top View RPG test game, but most of that will be replaced as I go.

    That said, it controls like sort of like Tree World, only WASD moves and enters doors, control attacks, E is the action button, and space jumps. Escape opens the inventory/save/exit menu a la RPG, but for some reason, the weapon equipping option broke yesterday. There's only one weapon so far, so that's not too bad.

    The player sprites are really heavy too (4.5MB for the character, 3 for the sword), but they'll be compressed later once the animations are final. Plus it probably makes for a good stress test.

    Anyhow, two screenshots are attached to the post, and if you can download the zip here. I'm making/running this in Windows, if that makes any difference.
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