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Thread: some patches - std::exception, cl_vector, ostream, etc

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    Default some patches - std::exception, cl_vector, ostream, etc

    - make CL_Exception inherit std::exception [ hope I didn't muck this one up especially wrt throw specifications ].
    - catch-by-ref in the examples
    - let Vec2 be constructed from CL_Point
    - ostream<< for CL_Rectd and others
    - x11 little fix/optimization, invoke func_window_resize only on resize, not on move
    - rename CL_Rect::is_inside() to CL_Rect::contains()
    - add set_top_left() etc to CL_Rect

    edit: now with 8bit conversion for CL_Exception::what()
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    Patch applied.

    Many thanks

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