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Thread: SDL V's OPENGL

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    Default SDL V's OPENGL

    I remember using Clanlib a few years ago, and using SDL was essentially using
    directx 5 and there was a number of restrictions in terms of using sprites e.t..c using SDL. Basically, SDL was a cut down version of the ClanLib system.

    Is this still the case? I have some PC's with older graphics cards where OpenGL is a little slow and wondered if I could switch to SDL and if this would improve the perfromance or not?

    All my apps are for windows based pc's in any case, so compatibility isnt an issue for me.

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    I would be surpised if there is a big difference between SDL and a software based OpenGL driver.

    The designers of the software based opengl drivers would try to make it run as fast as possible.

    But this is speculation.

    ClanLib 0.8 supports the SDL target.
    ClanLib 0.9 does not support the SDL target.

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