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    I have been looking for ages for an engine like this, and suddendly I discovered novashell!

    A great addition for the engine will be to include Raknet multiplayer engine, that is used by pro game companies, has an indie license for free, and it's available in Windows, MacOSX, Linux among other OS.

    I have seen tons of wrappers available, and I guess it shouldn't be difficult to add. For MMOgs the server can be developed using Python, PHP or wathever the developer uses with MySQL or PostGreSQL.

    If this can be done, it would be absolutely fantastic.

    Congratulations for such good job and to share wit the rest of the people!


    P.S I am still a fellow MajorBBS user.

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    Hey Amando -

    While adding a simple lua interface to connect and send/receive info isn't a big deal, it's a very big deal to use that in a meaningful way.

    For instance, if you were making a MMOG, you have a LOT of problems to solve that would be best implemented from the ground up in a way that fits the exact design rather than some kind of sloppy one-size fits all. At least that's how I would do it.

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    go on add it i have been wantin 2 make an mmorpg 4 ages or at least add lan capabilities



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