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Thread: Help, vc++ 2008, failed compiling

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    Default Help, vc++ 2008, failed compiling

    i am rather new to c++, and as of yet have not needed to compile third party libraries.

    currently i have, vc++ 2008, the latest dx sdk and clan lib 0.8.

    i can compile the configuration perfectly fine. how ever, i am having a problem, sometime there after.

    can someone please assist me, by giving me a guide to setting up the links in vc++ 08, as well as any other little pain stakingly annoying bits to come.

    other then that i have but one question.

    is this a suitable library to further my c++ skills in.

    currently i can use all the basic features in the standard library.

    thanks in advance,

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    Here's a guide how to setup a build environment with Visual Studio:

    The guide explains how its done for the 0.9 SVN version, but the same principles largely apply to the 0.8 versions as well. Additional information specific for the library version you are using can be found in the README and INSTALL files that came with ClanLib.

    If you still have problems after reading these guides, please paste the error messages you get from the compiler. Usually just by reading those messages we can tell what the problem might be.

    Regarding whether clanlib is the right library for you to use to learn more about C++, that is really the wrong question. The best way to learn about C++ (or anything else for that matter) is to set a goal for something you want to do, then find the means required to reach that goal. Whether ClanLib is too difficult as a next step depends very much on the experience you already have and how you deal with problems. If your next goal is to make some kind of simple game, then ClanLib is not a bad choice. It will help you with a lot of the complexity you'd otherwise have to deal with, if you used a more low level library instead.

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    well, my gaol is a simple gui based game, with some maths in the background.

    as far as i can see it should be easy,

    are there any ways to display an opening movie, or even an animated image with accompaning sound?

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    See the examples on clanlib 0.8 for animation and sound.

    Playing movies is a bit more tricky though

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