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Thread: CL_OpenGLSurface Artifacts

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    Default CL_OpenGLSurface Artifacts

    When using CL_OpenGLSurface to load textures on the fly, I get strange results. I've included an example screenshot and application to show what I mean. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    OK, I've realized that I'm experiencing pretty much the same issue illustrated in this Corrupted Images thread. Essentially, images that are not a power of two come out corrupted. It was determined the solution was to update to Ubuntu 7.10. Unfortunately, I happen to already be using Ubuntu 7.10, just with a custom install for the Eee laptop (no doubt with an old mesa driver)

    Arg, not a pretty picture. Maybe there is a workaround I can use?
    Lee Bradley
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    Have you updated your video card driver?

    If it's nvidia:



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