Hi there, my first posting

Is it theoretical possible to move to a really crossplattform build system like qmake or cmake ? Well, i prefer cmake - do you know that ?
Maybe you hear, that KDE will use cmake in future, instead of automake-stuff.

The building of clanlib is a little bit confusing especially under the aspects of mingw under windows

So Cmake is a nice alternative - it generates projectfiles for kdevelop, codeblocks, eclipse and devcpp - so think about it

I can help a bit, I already used cmake for work.

But maybe the code of Clanlib is not able to compile under windows and mingw (gcc) at the same time, I don't know, but it could be ... when used somehow strange #defines or when you must use mfc under windows, for example ...

My english is the worst, I know - so what about the Build System ?