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    Question OpenGL Textures

    Does anybody have a working example of OpenGL textures displayed using the ClanLib 0.8.1 library? So far I've had no luck. Any help would be much appreciated

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    Before making the previous post I did a search of the forum and I was confused about the reference to the "examples". There weren't any downloads for examples (that I saw), but then after some searching I realized they're packaged with everything else in the (duh) Examples folder -.-

    Well... looks like GLFog should work nicely for my purposes. The example uses CL_Surface instead of CL_Texture, but I'm not sure what the difference is.

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    Hey Elephant - CL 0.8 does all of its visuals using GL textures internally, so the Basic2D example would also be doing throwing up GL textures to display its surface as well.

    The SDL non-GL target is no longer supported at all, so it's OGL or the road these days for CL 0.8.X
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