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    Default Hoverboard

    I thought of a new item for Growtopia: The Hoverboard!

    The Hoverboard is an 'Awesome Item' and it costs a whopping 25,000 Gems to buy. The Hoverboard gives your character the animation to stand on the board while moving(I need better wording).

    The Hoverboard also increases your speed, like the Tiny Horsie and Air Robinsons. The Hoverboard also shoots out little energy rings(simular to the ufo) while moving! And for a limited time(not really) you can choose from 10 different colors of your choice for your Hoverboard! Which consists of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Black, White, and a sparkling gold hoverboard for an extra 1000 gems!

    Best of all, Users who buy the Hoverboard DIRECTLY from the store will recieve a bonus mystery gift within 5 minutes of purchase!

    Game Text:
    Ride on with style with the all new Hoverboard! It boosts your speed, handy for winning races and giveaways. It also leaves some flashy energy ring trail, that bedazzles your friends! It also comes in 10 epic colors! Also, for a limited time, users who buy the Hoverboard within the first week gets a bonus gift! The Hoverboard is also not available any other way!

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    Talking nice


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    Default Great idea

    I was thinking that a broomstick for halloween
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