As I'm looking through 0.9, it seems to me that one of the design intentions is to integrate with the platform windowing system. I see a fair amount of tooth-gnashing going on with issues like message pumps, window management, etc.

I got to wondering if perhaps Clanlib could be written on top of an existing, mature GUI framework. I have some experience with wxWidgets, but that seemed perhaps a bit too much. I took a look at Fltk, which is billed as a "light" cross-platform GUI toolkit that supports OpenGL. Looking through it, I didn't see anything right away that would seem to rule it out.

I think perhaps the existing Clanlib 0.9 code could be ported to use Fltk in place of the existing platform-specific DisplayWindowProvider layer with little change to the user API. Going a step further and actually exposing fltk as the windowing API, I think users could then take advantage of its entire widget infrastructure to produce native GUIs while embedding OpenGL draw targets managed by Clanlib as widgets.

I realize this is a rather radical change of direction that the developers probably won't wish to undertake "officially", at least not without an extensive practical demonstration of compelling benefits. But it is an area I would like to pursue myself, since I am envisioning an application that will blend native GUI with OpenGL rendering. So, I'd appreciate any opinions and insight that more experienced Clanlib developers can offer as to this idea's feasibility and what the likely obstacles might be. I'm still much too ignorant about Clanlib to know if this is a dumb idea.


--- Kevin