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Thread: 0.8.1 und valgrind

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    Default 0.8.1 und valgrind

    hi, I have a problem with a program that uses clanlib 0.8.1.
    I have to run this program for many (and many [and many]) days without reboot it. now, i tested the program, that runs well for two days or three, but it ALWAYS crash after that period. i've done some debugging on it, and i used valgrind too.

    in the valgrind output i have a lot of messages not directly related to my code (i think, 'cos i see none of my functions in the message, but i'm not sure...) such as:

    ==4488== Syscall param ioctl(arg) contains uninitialised byte(s)
    ==4488== at 0x4448294: ioctl (in /lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4546F3A: snd_pcm_hwsync (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x457C2CE: (within /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4546F3A: snd_pcm_hwsync (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4557DC4: (within /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4546F3A: snd_pcm_hwsync (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4564B6C: (within /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4546F3A: snd_pcm_hwsync (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x454BCBE: (within /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x45568EE: snd_pcm_mmap_writei (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x4546A4B: snd_pcm_writei (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x40BD173: CL_SoundOutput_alsa::write_fragment(short*) (in /usr/lib/


    ==4488== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
    ==4488== at 0x5D4D1CF: intelRefillBatchLocked (in /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5D4D629: intelFlushBatchLocked (in /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5D4DBD4: intelFlushBatch (in /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5D4945B: intelWrapInlinePrimitive (in /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5D68D3F: (within /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5DF9F2E: (within /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5DF10EE: _tnl_run_pipeline (in /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5D61A14: (within /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5DF1566: _tnl_draw_prims (in /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x5DE9985: (within /usr/lib/dri/
    ==4488== by 0x40EB59E: CL_GLStateChecker::flush(bool) const (in /usr/lib/
    ==4488== by 0x411190A: CL_DisplayWindow_OpenGL::flip(int) (in /usr/lib/

    these are two of most recurring messages. i'm wondering if it's normal, or it's a problem of how i built clanlib (well, of how gentoo builds clanlib, since i'm using the standard ebuild), or a bug or similar in clanlib. can you help me?

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    The errors look strange. Are there any connection between the error messages that you get?

    Also, try running Memtest86, to make sure your RAM is okay
    (see )



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