Hi there! Take a look at our menu and chat along this thread..Shall we?

Appetizers :
House Salad $2.99
Taco $1.50
Teriyaki Chicken Cubes $2.99
Fried Salted Chicken $3.49

Starter :
Pineapple Delight $1.90
Fluffy Cream Puffs $1.90 (Fluffz's Favorite!)
Chicken Nuggets $1.90

Main Course :
Steak with Mexican Cheese $9.99
Chicken Rice $3.99
Double Fluffed $9.99 (FluffOfExcel's Favorite!)
(Fluffy puffs filled with Fluffy Creme and some mashed potatoes beside it!)
Cheesy Pizza Slice $3.00

Banana Split $3.99 (Free of charge for Cocomonkey!)
Choco Fluff $2.99 (Double Chocolate slices by a scoop of ice cream!)
Strawberries Smoothie $2.99
Ice Kachang $0.99 (Smashed ice with syrups!)

Banana drink $2.99 (Free of charge for Cocomonkey!)
Mint Julip $2.99 (Free of charge for Wicker10!)
Nub Juice $0.50 (Free for Nubidubi )

All this food are fake..Erm they are out of stock*