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    Okay, everyone hello, i am Programmer, i am new to C++.
    I know what you are all thinking "What is he doing here if he is new he should be reading tutorials or something". Well, i like to dig straight to the core and work my way out. I love doing things and learning as i go. I'm a fast learner. Now seeing as to how i don't know any coding, and have no idea on what my files are. I have downloaded the "All libs required by ClanLib-0.9"

    Now that i have the files, i'm unsure as to what i am to do from here. I opened up Read Me's and that only confused me further. I want to make games, i want to make video games, and i want them to be you know. GOOD. ;]. Here are my ideas for the game, if you could post a formal tutorial or help me get the files compressed that would be great.

    GAME IDEA: I want to make a game that could run off a 2.5D Engine, 2.5D engine is an engine that keeps a ground that is flat based but allows sprites and NPCs to roam freely. At all angles. While the ground rotates in no way, to follow youre characters angles. Meaning that all tiles from tile sheets are 2d as well.

    This all balances it out keeping it 2.5D not one or the other. Now my ideas for my game are i want it to be some what like diablo. I want to have a classing system not for races CLASSES. Like Paladin / Assasin / Necromancer / Priest. Things of that nature. And give them eacht here own unique abilities. Now, i'm not expecting to make a game and have automatic OMG NEXT BIG GAME. I just want it to look good for a first time. First impressions last forever you know.

    Or atleast i want to make a couple races, like Elves / Dark Elf / Orc / Human.

    And let them all use any class they want. like mage and archery. In a dual classing system. Now this is all what this program is capable of. I came across this as i was looking for resources. And i'm sure all you fine people wouldn't have a problem in helping me achieve this. And if so just let me know.

    Please give me a hand.

    Thanks, Programmer

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    I would first buy a C++ book and work from that, until you are comfortable with it.

    It you do want to dive straight in, look at the Basic2D example. The other examples are still being worked on, and may not work

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    Back up. Way, way back.

    Here is a link to as good advice as any I've seen for somebody in your position:

    How Do I Make Games?

    You're not likely to get much more help than that from anybody here or anywhere until you know enough fundamentals to be able to ask focused questions on specific topics that can be answered concretely.

    --- Kevin



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