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    Default Dink Smallwood Languages

    Hi, I am Brazilian and it went a great difficulty to me to finish Dink, because I don't speak English, I used translating programs, and I am using the same to speak to you.

    Then I thought if it would not be able to Dink Smallwood to be translated for other languages. . .

    if dink is open source. . . " at least I find ", I offer to help.

    I await here. : )

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    This is a little late in replying, but thanks for the offer... may email you about that later.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    I can translate it to Brazillian portuguese!

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    There is still a lot to do. Wish List:

    * Translate Dink: at the moment, the game is available in French, German and Dutch.
    * Translate more D-Mods: only French D-Mods were released.
    * Describe the project: this website is currently both in French and English, with a very small presentation for the other languages in the homepage. Keep up even a small page in your language would be good. Maintain the current English or French part would be also welcome, since it makes me spend twice more time on updating the website.
    * Ease the translation: Jacaranda Bill and I are working on a small application to allow everyone to translate Dink, even without any DinkC knowledge, and fast. Moreover, the Dink Project aims at improving the Dink engine, and we would well end up using GNU gettext for an efficient translation environnement.
    * Translate websites: we invit you to translate your Dink website in another language than english, so that more people can read it. Not everybody can understand that language, mainly children - who play computer games.

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