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Thread: some improvements for smoother building

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    Default some improvements for smoother building

    1. a way to override or remove the release flag for libtool
    2. check for headers linux/joystick.h and linux/input.h and if not found disable support for those.
    3. check soundcard.h header for more than one location and also check asoundlib.h for alsa support, don't compile it if not found.
    4. if getcwd is still not defined include unistd.h for those os who needs it
    5. merge apple and freebsd in mutex_pthread.cpp and add also openbsd
    6. if not defined DEFAULT_DSP default to /dev/dsp, so the default device
      can be overridden
    7. ifndef sighandler_t instead of adding different operating systems in setupnetwork_unix.cpp

    hope i covered all the changes.
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    Just want to say this looks great.

    My linux machine is not setup ( I just moved) but after it is I'll test and apply this if nobody else beats me to it... (assuming this is for 0.8X!)
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    yes it's for 0.8x

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    And that patch looks good for 0.9, many thanks

    I have applied the patch to 0.9 (manually, as file structure has changed).

    Also applied patch to 0.8

    Many thanks
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