Me and a friend are planning to start programming a sprite-based RPG in C++, though we haven't yet decided on the library base yet. He wants direct OpenGL (for effects and such I guess) and some form of audio library, but I've started some preliminary demo-y work in ClanLib 0.8, like the library and want to convince him to use it, because of the easy sound API and other things (No point reinventing the wheel...)

However, when I sent him my work, he was unable to compile it (and I was unable to set up a Linux->Windows cross-compiling envronment) because he uses DevC++/mingw and the only binaries available for ClanLib are for Visual C++. There doesn't appear to be any straightforward help for this except an ancient ClanLib 0.7 tutorial that used to be linked from the front page (and is now only available through wayback).

Can anybody give advice as how to set up ClanLib in mingw on Windows (and Linux, if possible) with minimal fuss?

Also, as an aside: While trying to write the demo code, I found that the only way I could create a surface of a certain size to use a canvas with was to load an image file of that size. Is there any way to create something similar to a SDL surface, with given dimensions, that can then be drawn on and then drawn onto the screen graphical context?

Thanks in advance, Matt