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Thread: RakNet Support (WIP)

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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    glad to see continued progress. i hope you remain motivated to see it through.

    seth, understandably, never implemented this because it was not necessary for the project game he was working on. there were small murmurs from time to time for networking, but no one stepped up to do it. so i am elated that you have taken up the challenge.

    i hope you can smoothly work through whatever criticism you may encounter here for your choice of method and implementation. i personally would not knock the only choice, unless i was ready to implement an alternative.

    i wish you much success in your ' charge of the network brigade '.
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Thanks for the awesome feedback Harrio, I have started implementing more and more functions. Right now I am working on the Send functions for sending packets.

    The only thing I'm worried about, is making a versatile server...

    Edit: I got the data form of the send packet function. I trimmed it way down for ease of use... Lets say you want to send the string "Hello World" to the server. Here is the Lua command.

    GetNetworkManager:Open ( 1234, "" );
    GetNetworkManager:SendPacketData ( "Hello World!", 3, 0 ); // 1 = Fast UDP, 2 = UDP, 3 = TCP
    GetNetworkManager:Close ( );
    Works like a charm!
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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    methinks you may definately be onto something. because i actually almost understand what you were referring to in your lua code.

    if you can get a solid-cerebrum like mine to nearly recognize something, than i'm sure you are on the way to making many others here, seth included, very happy.

    caveman checkerz might just become a

    keep swinging sushi...
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Thanks again Harrio, I have added more Network functionalities. Here is my little update:

    I have added encryption support, just type the command and your connections will be encrypted with a few different methods including SHA-128 and RSA. Here are a list of all the new functions:

    // Added
    GetNetworkManager:EnableSecurity(); // Generates a key and encrypts packet and connection data for network security. Must be called before Open();
    GetNetworkManager:DisableSecurity(); // Kinda self explanatory, turns off the security.
    GetNetworkManager:EnableCustomSecurity( Key1, Key2, Key3, Key4 ); // Allows users to encrypt their packets and connections with a specified key. For hardcore enthusiasts.
    GetNetworkManager:BroadcastPacketData( "Hello World!", "TCP", 0 ); // Sends this packet to everyone on the network, not just the server.
    // Changed
    GetNetworkManager:SendPacketData( "Hello World!", "TCP", 0 ); // Now the 2nd parameter takes the string instead of just a number. You can easily change the method of sending data by just changing the parameter. "Fast_UDP", "UDP" and "TCP" are the selections.
    I am still working away here on the source! Any feedback or requests are most defiantly welcome!

    Here is the total function list:

    GetNetworkManager:Open( 1234, "" );
    GetNetworkManager:EnableCustomSecurity( Key1, Key2, Key3, Key4 );
    GetNetworkManager:SendPacketData( "Hello World!", "TCP", 0 );
    GetNetworkManager:BroadcastPacketData( "Hello World!", "TCP", 0 );

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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    it looks like you are really cruising along. i didn't even expect encryption.

    i don't know enough as of yet to even know what to request.

    will this be able to support voice chat or is that asking too much?

    i'm really glad to see you crushing along at such a fast pace. i hope the others here that know more than me, which is just about everyone, give you some good feedback and requests. i would hate to hear critics on the back end when they have a chance to be helpful now.

    keep crushing...the cavemen are getting
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Voice is very possible!

    I am still trying to figure out how people are going to do the server!!! People may have to create their own, until I get around to making a versatile enough one.

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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    coolness on the voice. trash talking cavemen rule.

    do you have any links to good tuts on learning the basics of writing server code?

    also, i play around from time to time with vpn networking, aka hamachi vpn, will the code your working on accommodate lan-like connections via vpn as well as internet? or will you have to code for both events individually? i know some games have lan 'awareness'. don't know if i phrased that right. apologies if this ends up being a stupid/ill-informed question.

    thanks again for the possiblity of voice. that sounds really interesting.

    is it just me or does anyone else think that if sushi & seth can crack this network nut that novashell becomes a major player overnight in the 2d game engine gathering. i may toss my torque game builder license all together. even though i have not messed with it much since discovering novashell anyway.

    way to go sushi...
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Lan would be very possible with some of the already existing functions! The whole thing about this networking conversion, I actually plan to release it under my own engine. I am heavily modding Novashell, it just seems like unless me and Seth could literally work together, I don't see why I wouldn't do my own fork.

    I will however release a update package for Novashell but the source may not be included under the Novashell name.

    To answer your question, you would need to program the server with RakNet, but this wont be needed for LAN capabilities. I am looking for someone who may wanna script up connection screens and everything.

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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    ah, ok, now i understand. still cool.

    so what will you be calling your engine?

    will you parallel the novashell updates or eventually split off entirely from it?

    still sounds really exciting.

    alas, i don't know enough to help you, or i would have contributed more to this forum already.

    keep at it...
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    The Engine will be called Sylerean Engine! Based off my project Sylerean Online, which is my MMORPG project that will use Sylerean Engine.

    As for updates, it all really depends on what Seth thinks about all of this... I am going to add more than Networking to the engine. I don't plan on just leeching updates from Seth ha ha.

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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    that sounds cool.

    adding networking is no small thing. at least not in my eyes. so i think you are making a major contribution to the engine.

    i definately hope you and seth can work together to the benefit of novashell.

    the cavemen are getting
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Default raknet support...

    hey sushi,

    i know it's the holiday season and all. so whenever you get a chance, no rush, how about an update on the sylerean engine aka novashell networking.
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Default sylerean engine update...

    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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    Default networking...

    bumpity...bump...bump...any progress sushi?
    harriozspot... it ain't much, but it's mine.

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